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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The mirror stares you in the face and says 'uh uh baby, it don't work'.

Lessee, what's shaking?

I'm sort of ill-like, again *vigorous eye-rolling*, for which I employ my usual solution: no showering or any of that 'personal hygiene' craphola, burying myself in my way too warm payamas, getting in bed with my blanket and watch movies / television shows whilst smoking way too much, drinking loads of coffee and drifting in and out of sleep. It works for me, kay!

Feeling slightly better today, and was getting a bit bored (and my bandwidth is just being eaten up with all the streaming) and I can't seem to locate my cellphone anywhere (yes, genius, I know I could try calling it myself, but it's on silent, so there. I just know there's at least one wise-ass who thinks he's oh so smart and here's my big fat middle finger, I suggest you sit on it, cunt.), so I just thought I'd give everyone an update on the numerous things I have been reading/watching. Prepare to be dazzled... Maybe have a glass of wine first. Oeh, we have wine. Could I have wine? Wine is totally good for you, especially if you've spent the last 4 days trying not to throw up and you've felt soooooo close to blowing chunks you even took the little grey bucket out from under the sink and put it next to your bed, even though normally you only get that thing out if you have to clean up dog piss and you've sort of been wondering whether you wouldn't prefer to just hurl on the floor and deal with it later, but then you realised you'd still have to get the same little grey bucket to clean up the puke, because puke and dog pee are closely related on the scale of ew, so you kept the bucket anyway. Wine!

Okay, so, all set. I'm not gonna drink this, smelling it makes me go all queesie, but it's the thought that counts, and the thought says 'cheap red wine that someone gave me at my last dinner party'. Much appreciated.

Anyhow, in the last couple of days I've reread the final Harry Potter book for the third time (I swear I'm not a geek, it's just a book you can start and finish all in the same 3 hour period so it's a good little filler in between. Okay, I am a geek, but for totally Harry Potter unrelated reasons.). I can't say much about it, since so many people here are waiting for the Dutch version, so suffice to say I liked it, well written, but in my opinion it has two gaping plot holes I can't get over and I never noticed anything like that in the previous books, so that was a shame. Also, Harry's nekkid a lot, so let's hope they keep that in the movies *drewls at Radcliffe* I like paleness, honk honk!

I also read a book called 'Sovereign Ladies', about the 6 Queens Regnant of England/Great Britain/the United Kingdom, which was interesting enough in the beginning, you know, when Queens actually had a say, but from right around Queen Mary II and Queen Anne it turned into a bit of a yawn, and while Elizabeth II seems like a charming woman, and a good sport should I ever want to discuss horses, dogs or troublesome daughters-in-law, reading about her life is about as exciting as... well, as that would seem to most people I suppose.

Right now I'm reading 'Liberty', a book that illustrates the life of women during the French Revolution by juxtaposing 6 very different women from the period, amongst whom Germaine de Staël & Théroigne de Méricourt, the only two I had any previous knowledge of. I'm not sure if author Lucy Moore is just a dull woman, or whether maybe her subjects were dull (though, for a woman in those days to have generated enough written documents for us to know anything about her, she should have been rather remarkable), or maybe just maybe I don't really give a flying fuck about women during the French Revolution, unless they're Marie-Antoinette, Madam Royal, the Royal Sisters or that Lamballe Princess, either way, the book is boring me to pieces, but I have hopes of finishing it in a couple of days.

Anyhow, other than that I have been watching a lot of American Dad and Family Guy. I like American Dad, a lot of people say it's a cheap knock-off from Family Guy, but other than the animation style I don't think they're all that similar. I am totally obsessing about Stan's gut though. Whenever he has his shirt on, he looks quite fit, but whenever he takes it off, he has this big ole gut. Is it the shirts? If so, where can I get one? Does he suck it in when dressed? I can relate to that, not having taken a full breath since the summer of 2000, but then why not suck it in when shirtless? It boggles me.

Whilst a big fan of Family Guy (go Quahog! wooo!), I wish they'd give Meg a Revenge episode or something, I feel so sorry for her. Okay, everyone hates Meg, for reasons I don't understand, but honestly, the poor girl, she should have just ONE episode where she really lets her family have it without it backlashing on her tenfold. I always root for the Unfairly Oppressed, Lord knows why, I'm sure it's a Freudian youth throw-back thing. I have it with South Park's Butters as well, but unlike Meg, he has had his Revenge moments and I loved those so much, they're among my favourite SP moments.

I also saw the Family Guy Movie, which wasn't bad at all, it was very much the same as an episode actually and they managed to spread a rather thin plot into a moviechunk without getting boring. Despite the FG movie not having been theatrically released, I actually thought it was a better effort than the Simpsons Movie, especially considering the difference in time spent on the respective projects. I hope I don't get any Simpson Movie fans on my case now. Ow yeah, that's right, Kenneth doesn't read this blog anyway. Few, dodged a bullet there.

Staying in the realm of the animated, I also watched the Care Bears Big Wish movie. That blew chunks of viler quality than anything I feel capable of producing. They really fucked those up, I used to love the care bears (okay, a haze of about 20 years may have coloured my memory), but now it's so plastic. It's right up there with the Bratz Dolls really, except the Care Bears don't encourage children to give hand-jobs on street corners in exchange for Pussycat Dolls tickets. The Bratz are total whores. And the Care Bears are soulless corporate shells, booh.

I also watched 'Meet the Robinsons', which I'm not sure has been in cinemas here yet, but I suppose it's still coming. (note: imdb just told me it's not due here until october). Anyway, excellent movie, quite funny, but without neglecting the story. Actually, although the astute viewer will figure out most of the plot within 10 minutes (Kev will take about 35 I guess), it's complicated enough to leave the little ones guessing until the very end, and maybe even then they'll still be confused. I was pleasantly surprised by it and it gets a good recommendation.

Another animated movie (hey, cartoons are good for your health): Happy Feet. My former co-worker Anke told me about that one moooooooonths ago and she said how great it was, so I figured I'd give it a try and it was pretty good. Nicole Kidman's voicing is ludicrous and somehow brilliant and Brittany Murphy has a way too sexy voice for a childfriendly penguin and manages to make every piece of dialogue she utters sound raunchy somehow, but that only adds to the grown-up fun. Happy Feet is a jukebox musical, utilizing a bunch of songs that have been used a million times before, but it does it rather well, so no complaints there. In both 'Robinsons' and 'Happy' it goes towards a mushy ending, but luckily both movies quit before they drown in a too saccharine conclusion.

And then, two comedies, with the same lead actor, yet as far removed from one another as possible.

Napoleon Dynomite is a movie I had read a lot about, but it was never released in Belgium. From everything I'd read about it, it was supposed to be awesome. I'm still not sure, it's either really brilliant or a total piece of crap. I swear, I was watching this thing and wondering whether I liked it or not and I couldn't quite decide. The characters are ennerving and sad, but too annoying to invoke sympathy, the situations are too bizarre to relate to, but too mundane to consider silly, and the jokes are well, infinitely subtle and at the same time gapingly obvious. And yet, at the end, I sort of went 'aow'. So I guess it's a good movie, but just weird. Probably brilliant. Yeah. Whatever. Ow yeah, the thing with the cow and the bus of school children was brilliant, very South Parky.

Blades of Glory did pass through our movie theatres some time ago, but for those who don't remember the endless commercials for it: it's about two male figure skaters who are banned from singles competitions because a fight between them caused a mascotte to go up in flame or something, I wasn't paying attention by then (and this is the opening scene, nuff said) and then they team up to compete in doubles, leading to the typical 'opposites who hate each other learn to appreciate each other's differences, bring out the best in each other and become friends', but now it's got the extra dimension of guys in sequined tights. Of course there's a villainous twosome (God, the closing joke about these two I anticipated from the first moment they came on the screen, so predictable) and a good girl forced to help who in the end realizes her inner strength and stands up for what she believes in, just in time to be kissed by the effeminate hero in his sequined tights. Big Fat Yawn. Best bit: the South-Korean Iron Lotus video, I love it when Asians in tights get hurt.

Last up, Knocked Up, another movie that won't be released here until october (why is that actually, why do we have to wait so long for movies to trickle down to here? It cannot take THAT long to slap some subtitles under those bitches.). Premise of the movie: hot television girl drunkenly boinks not so hot slacker stoner dude, gets pregnant, hilarity ensues. Pretty funny movie, mainly due to the lead actors really doing their very best. And oeh, the guy who played Phoebe's husband (the last one, not the faux-gay one she married before the show started and then divorced in season one because he wanted to marry another girl and she was all depressed because she was secretly in love with him and he was a figure skater too and isn't it totally weird how the universe sets these things up, woaw) plays a supporting character and he still has that whole dependable doe-eyed puppy boy look thing going which is endearing and all, but you sort of suspect he'd still ream you really hard if given half the chance. I sure hope I have the correct meaning for 'ream', I read the word once and assumed I got it from the context, but it was ambiguous and if I got it wrong, I may have just written something totally dirty.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Failure is spelled with U and I

And I'm back in action. Sort of, I guess, as I plan to only post some nutty links, none of which I bothered to verify. If they are real, then Lord Almighty have Mercy upon us poor Sinners. If they're fake, giggle!

First up, this cannot possibly be real (right?), but it's very well done.

Okay, this is real, and not all that amusing, I guess. Or it sort of is, in a really fucked up, sad, "what were those people thinking" kind of way. Also, proves that the internet is just very dangerous for people whose parents can also call each other cousin.

I don't care if this is real, the woman writes a gripping tale, I can totally picture it. She reminds me of my mother, except that she can't type, or tell a coherent story, and she totally wouldn't have gotten away with doing this because my brother and I were brats, and also I'm sure e-bay would confuse her even more than it does me (I get confused in supermarkets and IKEA, and apparantly that applies to the virtual ones as well). Okay, she's nothing like my mother, but still, pretty funny.

Hmm. I seem to have some time left.

Toodoodoo... what to write about, hmmm.


I'm not a big fan of Corbin Fisher!

For those who don't know it, Corbin Fisher is a guy who used to do porn (right? Or did I get my facts mixed up?) and now he runs this succesful porn site. It's basically the same deal as Sean Cody: poor video quality, guys whacking off while talking to the camera guy or two guys talking to the camera guy before they do it (or more than two guys, same principle) and they are always in the same goddamn bedroom, which might as well be Sean Cody's bedroom, because they all look the same and the sheets have this greyish colour which seems to me would totally show cumstains so it doesn't make any sense (yes, I watch porn and I'm concerned about why they picked sheets that show cumstains, I do not know the meaning of 'brain turned off'. Not sober anyway. And only rarely drunk). Sometimes they'll be in a home gym and work out before they diddle each other on the push-up bench and I'm sure that's supposed to be all sexy. During their little introductory talk they'll always be telling us, the viewer, how they're really just gym buddies and "have never done this kind of thing before" and how they are "really nervous, coz dude, I never had a guy suck my cock" and about two seconds after that they're taking that cock so far up their chute it's in danger of getting lost and like, I know I didn't lose my anal virginity under the best of circumstances (no Tim, you're not allowed to tell in the comments, you bastard! Benjamin doesn't read English, does he? Whatever), but still, most unconvincing devirgination ever (read this in the tone of the Comic Book Guy, btw, saw the movie, not bad, nowhere near great). Anyway, I find Corbin Fisher videos really boring, can't help it, bad video quality, bad sound, booooooring sex, and the aforementioned intro talk, not to mention the post-coital talk (That was nice dude, but I gotta get going, my girlfriend is gonna wonder where I'm at, see ya dude. What is the big turn-on with supposedly straight guys?? They look the same naked. They moan the same naked. I'm pretty damn sure once you're in them, they don't feel 20% better or anything!) are brainshatteringly stupid.

I sort of totally forgot where I'm going with this actually. I don't like Corbin Fisher videos. But some of their guys are sort of cute. As long as they don't talk. I wouldn't kick them out of bed I guess. Or out of the home gym. Though I'd still want a different set of sheets. In bed I mean, not in the gym.

Uh, maybe that's really all the point I was gonna make.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

I just thought you guys should know

He sat nervously, as was his default disposition, with his leg jittering uncontrollably and the uneven, cigarette-stained fingernails of his right hand rapping audibly on the tabletop. "Finally!", He exclaimed, as he saw 3 other young men approach.

"You're late." He said dissaprovingly.

"We're always late." said the ravenhaired one.

"That does not make it okay every time."

"Of course it does, as we are always late, there is a pattern, thereby making it possible for you to predict the actual time we would be arriving, thus, in conclusion, one might say you were early."

"For shame." added the guy to his left, who looked rather unhealthy, and as if sleep had eluded him that night.

At this the nervous one looked a little perplexed, then shook his head vigorously, as if shaking of cobwebs, then he reinstated his grey denim cap into its original position, before it was dislodged by the violent shaking, and he solemnly hem-hemmed and scraped his throat, a sure sign for his friends that some odd story was about to be related to them.

With a dignified look and his chin slightly raised, he began:

"I have called you all here today because..."

Immediately he was interrupted by the third of his companions.

"You didn't call us here today, it's sunday brunch, we're always here."

An irritated glare and a disdainful shake of the head (followed once more by a reinstating of the grey denim cap aforementioned) answered this rude interruption, a clear case of lese-majesté as far as he was concerned (he WAS sitting at the head of the table.). Without dignifying his friend with a spoken reply, he continued:

"BECAUSE I have an important announcement to make." He paused dramatically, raising his chin even further into the air in an attempt to look dignified, but unfortunately he more looked as if he had smelled something rather unpleasant.

"You had sex in the middle of the street with a monkey? Again?" said one.
"You got so drunk your pants fell down, but you didn't care and danced around anyway?" said the second.
"You followed two strangers to what you thought was a bar, but turned out to be an underground sauna?" finished the third.

With a wrinkle of his nose and a puckering of his lips, our hero showed his discontent and he answered rather inflamed:

"It was not in the MIDDLE of the street, and it was a Morrocan, not a monkey!"
"They were not ALL the way down!"
"Shut up!"

Thus all 3 scoundrels were rebutted, and with his majectic dignity recovered, he hem-hemmed once more and continued.

"As you all know, I have been dating someone for a few weeks now. He is a perfectly respectable person, charming, nice, intelligent, ..."

"And with a big butt, just the way you like it..." broke in the unfresh looking one.

"... attractive, and very generous and kind to me. I regret to announce..."

"You broke up." said the raven haired one.
"He dumped your ass." said the unfresh one.
"You are no longer dating?" asked the third one, unable to keep the eagerness out of his voice, since the subject of the conversation was quite the dish.
"we got engaged." blurted out the nervous one.

A general awed silence ensued. Many things had been told around this table, ranging from the pitiful to the absurd, the tragic to the hilarious, but this one took the cake (though their Ocassional Breakfast did not include cake).

"Engaged? You've known him for 2 weeks, tops."
"I know! It wasn't my idea!"
"Oh God, I feel a migraine coming on. How do you always do these things?"
"I didn't do anything!"
"You must have at least said yes, you cannot get engaged against your will" said the third one.
"Unless you're one of them monkey women." interrupted the unfresh one.
"This is no time for comically exaggerated racism!" insisted the raven haired one.
"Look, it went like this: he took me out to dinner, I suspected nothing, it wasn't even such a classy place, but it was packed. I was sort of not paying attention to what he was saying, cause this hot waiter was just bending over to pick up a spoon and I was making superfunny jokes about spooning in my head, you know, like to myself, because jokes about spooning a random stranger while you're on a date really aren't appropriate until he's had at least 3 glasses of wine and there's a chance he'll be willing to play along..."

"Could you please get to the point!!" said the third one.

"Sheesh, I am, mister impatient. Anyhow, I was thinking about spoons and pig-roasting when he took my hand and I looked and he was totally ON. HIS. KNEES! I thought he'd lost a spoon maybe, but then he says... Get this, he says: I know we've only known each other for a short time, but I cannot imagine the rest of my life without you. Will you marry me?"

"Noooooooo, he didn't!" screeeched the third one.

"He did!"

"What did you say?"

"What could I say???? He is sitting there, a blissfully happy look on his face, a tear running down his cheek, with about two dozen people looking at us, all expecting me to say yes. So I said yes..."

"But do you want to marry him?"

"Of course not!"

"Then why on earth did you say yes?"

"It seemed rude not to. I blame my mother, she raised me to always be polite and I've not been able to refuse anyone anything ever since I was a kid..."

"Which explains your popularity at Red&Blue..." threw in the unfresh one.

"This is my mother's fault. Oh My God, I bet this is why she and my dad got married: he asked and she was too polite to say no. And look how that turned out!

"So what is it you want from us exactly?"

"I need bridesmaids."

"And we're the closest you could come up with?"

"If Aaron Spelling taught me anything, it's that bridesmaids are supposed to be awful bitches that will try to have sex with my husband-to-be the day of the wedding. You guys will be just perfect."

"Uh. Thank you?"
"Your ring looks really gay."
"I know, it was his grandmother's"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Come rain or shine

Well, time for a second quickie update!

I've been here little under two weeks now and it's been quite relaxed. I still don't feel like I have to work very much (Joyce has been in daycare for the past 3 days again, leaving my days open completely). I've resorted to making dinner quite often to make up for it.

The downside of so many free days (not to mention all the evenings) is that I don't really know what to do with my time. I don't know anyone to hang out with yet, and honestly, I've trudged up and down Farnham and Guildford by myself quite enough already.

In an attempt to meet some people, I've attended a "coffee social" by the Guildford Area Gay Society, or GAGS, a local gay group, whose name is either the result of a severe lack of foresight, or of that quirky British wit.

GAGS meets once a week for these socials in members' houses. The one I went to was here in Farnham, literally down the street, in the "teapot house", so called because of the rather large wooden teapot on the front lawn. According to Julian and Jutta, the house is infamous for its gay meetings. Still, despite that somewhat discouraging fact, I decided to go, as one week was already enough to give me a bit of a lonely feeling at times.

It is not easy to describe GAGS. They have existed for the past 30 years... And a lot of their founding members are still around... And they weren't all that young when they founded it... Basically, about 60% of the members could be qualified as ancient in gay years. They did have entertaining stories to tell, about the olde days of homosexuality, when it was not even legal yet, and all the wild clandestine parties they attended. Quite lovely to listen to, but maaaaybe not exactly the group of people I see myself spending my months here in England with. Maybe. Okay, if nothing more suitable comes along, I will probably.

I think the youngest person there was about 32 and I talked to him most of the time, whilst being eyed suspiciously\beningly\somewhat ennervingly by the various other attendants. He seemed nice enough and I got his email so maybe I can hang out with him and meet other people through him, who knows.

There are apparantly quite a lot of gay occassions around, like in Guildford, but the trouble is getting to these places. Or rather, getting back from these places, since the last bus to Farnham is at 18.50 and on top of that, it is outrageously expensive. The fact that I am a 24 year old that cannot drive illicits surprise all over England and I am beginning to see why: it just is quite hard to impossible to get places other than by car.

Farnham has its v ery own gay bar as well. Okay, actually, it is just the cellar of a house, the one where I attended the coffee social. Dark and cheesily lit? Check! Garden with jacuzzi? Check! Lots of dirty pictures and warnings to play safe? Very check! Every friday they have a thing and once a month on saturday a theme disco night. The next one's theme is 'Speedos'. Considering the uhm age and portly dignity of the regular costumers and my lack of a pair of Speedos, I shan't be attending.

I've also joined the gym, both to stay in shape a bit and to meet locals. So far I've only met two personal trainers, a lovely young woman named Clare, and an absolutely gorgeous man named Sam, whose trainings I am sure I will enjoy. Hopefully there'll be more of that sort of meetings, as they are both perfectly lovely people.

I have also signed myself up with this 'ex-pat' website, so far I have gotten one response, from a Latino Norwegian au pair who wishes to "meat" me. I assume it is a case of bad English, but I will keep you informed as it develops.

Speaking of meat, my unfortunate 'no masturbating in someone else's house rule' is fricking killing me, it is going to be a long six months for my loigns. I thought I'd share that with you guys, wouldn't want you to suffer "Bob shares something too intimate" withdrawal.

The weather here is still irradic and mostly bad, though today is nice, which figures, since it is the only day I'm not outside. Mathilde the cat is still quite enamoured with me, and the feeling is mutual, but I could do without the live frogs she keeps bringing as a gift. Oeh, speaking of wildlife! So far I've seen a snake and a fox! I am totally holding out for a giraffe though. Or Prince Harry. That might actually solve my problem in the above paragraph as well.

Anyho, that's it for now, should anything fascinating happen, like Prince Harry desperately falling for me (after I tripped him of course), GAGS making me their mascotte or the revelation of exactly what Norwegian beef tastes like, I shall return and share it with you all in inappropriately detailed ways.


Friday, July 06, 2007

And to top it all, English boys have bouncy bouncy

Okay, quick update before I forget how to do it.

I doubt I will be writing a lot on this blog the coming months, since I am using a QWERTY lap top and I find it terribly annoying to type with.

For those who didn't get the memo: I am in England, and I'll be here for the next 6 months or so, working as a sort of au pair. The family I am living with is extremely nice, and their daughter is precious, despite entering the terrible twos and being quite a handful at times. The house is swell and my room is terrific, much nicer than anything I'm used to. The two family cats, Mathilde and Magnus seem to agree, as they spent all their time in here.

The town of Farnham, where I am, is a type of suburb to London, which means its residents tend to be rather wealthy. The centre is very beautiful and has some great shops, including a Waterstone's, which spells doom for my solvability. We're not too far from university city Guildford, and I've already been there once and prolly will head there again later today. London is either for this weekend or the next, depending on the weather, which has been the only downside here so far.

Right now I have more free time than I know what to do with, because little Joyce is away at daycare 3 days a week, and she goes to bed right after she gets home, so I'm only busy in the mornings, and even then her parents do most of the work. In a few weeks she will go to daycare less though and I should get a little busier, and I'll be glad to, right now I feel like a bit of a moocher.

They have been very generous to me here, getting me a computer and DVD player in my room, a laptop, a cellphone which is way too fancy, with a subscribtion I don't have to pay, and they are buying me a local gym membership as well, which is quite costly. I'm very grateful of course and I wish I'd have to work a bit harder!

Yesterday I made Chili Con Carnem because I felt like cooking and they said it zas the best they ever had, which zas nice to hear naturally. After that Julian took me to a local pub, and we had some pints and a very good time.

Long story short: I think I'll do rather well here.

Anyhow, I'm just about fed up with this keyboard, so that's it for now.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Sorry Kevin

But no, it's still not the long awaited update.

It's just that I had to share these videos with you. This one proves that we as a society are doomed, whilst this one is merely sort of unnerving. It might be worse, if only that first one wasn't so bad already.

Posts via Best Week Ever, which is incidentally a very fun website to kill some time over every day.

People aren't snowflakes

Endless Audacity *I don't mind a little weight on my back zegt:
Dude, I's so old!
Endless Audacity *I don't mind a little weight on my back zegt:
which makes you even more old
Endless Audacity *I don't mind a little weight on my back zegt:
I just thought I'd let you know that
Kev (good music / i dance / no good music / i not dance) zegt:
ow screw you
Kev (good music / i dance / no good music / i not dance) zegt:
I do not age
Kev (good music / i dance / no good music / i not dance) zegt:
Endless Audacity *I don't mind a little weight on my back zegt:
you just ripen
Endless Audacity *I don't mind a little weight on my back zegt:
... like cheese
Endless Audacity *I don't mind a little weight on my back zegt:

except cheese grows hair as it 'ripens'

While I know that doing a political commentary after the results are in, is slightly redundant, I'm still going to anyway, as I had this post sort of planned on friday, but I didn't get around to it.

Political commentary is a bit too strong a statement, since I know very little of politics. You hear a lot about 'the uninformed voter'. I consider myself a 'semi-informed voter' and I think there are a lot of those. I know what each party stands for in a broad way, their values and ideals (at least, insofar as it is still possible to find clearly outlined values and ideals in some of them) and I know their main political points. I don't follow debates, not even during election time, since I don't care very much what separate members of a party have to say, I only vote for the entire party, even if there are people on the list, like that Guidone woman there was so much to do about, that I don't particularly care for. Another reason I don't watch debates is because they always have Siegfried Bracke moderate them and just his face is enough to send me into a nightmare riddled snooze.

Anyhow, not having a sound political mind, like Kevin, who watches all things political with great ardour, I cannot comment on it in any kind of professional manner. Come to think of it, there's not a whole lot I can comment on in any kind of professional manner. I probably really should specialize in something... But that's neither here nor there at the moment.

Even someone like me who doesn't watch political debates and who changes the channel as soon as there is even the threat of Bracke's presence, cannot escape politics in election period, of course (although, was it just me or were there a lot less posters, flyers, pamphlets etc. this year?). Even at my work, where people ranged from semi-informed to uninformed, the subject was breached.

Now, from a sociological point of view, who are we at my work? We have a young, moderately educated homosexual (that would be me, in case it wasn't clear), we have two young mothers with partners, one 30something single mother of two and one on the way, one 30something married mother, two older mothers, and a bunch of young unwed women. Most of them, though not all, have high school diplomas and several of the young unwed women are following adult education courses. We all get paid uh not so much and none of us could be considered to be very affluent, with some even just barely keeping the head above water. Finally, with the exception of myself and two of the mothers, they have very little experience with so-called urban life, and Antwerp is almost a demonical, sinful city of fear to them.

Where do these people fall politically then? Since we don't discuss these things during the year (and honestly, if it was up to me, I wouldn't discuss them during elections either, because sometimes it's just easier not to know), I was in for some surprises.

We have one ardent Vlaams Belangblok supporter, who's voted for them 'ever since she was 18', which monumentous occassion happened 2 years ago. Her main reasons for voting thus were a) their position on the family, which is something I can at least sort of understand, a lot of my co-workers, all mothers or planning on speedy motherhood, feel that other parties do not pay enough attention to the family and stay-at-home mums and so on, and b) those dang foreigners. It always surprises me when someone who lives in a small rural town where I've seen about 5 foreigners (one being a German, one a Swede, one Portugese and two Turkish guys who keep a restaurant) can be so afraid and/or disgusted by foreigners, by which they always mean anything dark-skinned. They seem to feel that they are lurking around every corner, ready to rape our women and rob our men. When asked if they have ever had a personal problem with Them, it's always answers such as 'You can see them standing on the street and you know they're up to no good' or 'no, but my friend's friend once...' or 'On the television...'

Not to be the dense and claim there isn't a problem, but it's just that these people don't have a problem. They hear things on the television and are convinced that Antwerp is a den of throatcutting Turks who rape young white women in the name of Allah. If you hear them talk of Antwerp, a place they refuse to visit, it's a miracle any of us good honest white folks make it out of there alive, I do count myself very lucky in that regard then. They're afraid and they're conditioned to hate what they're afraid of, at least that's how I see it and I suppose you can't even be mad at them for that. But I can be mad at them for being ignorant in my opinion.

Then there's several who are liberals, a position I find hard to defend seeing that we are not exactly the audience they serve best in general. Being labourors on part-time of the lowest echelon, I fail to see they propagate anything that does us a whole lot of good. I do actually like VLD and SP.a together, they kept each other in a nice balance between smarter economics and better social measures, but I wouldn't want to see what happens if VLD got to do it all alone (not that we have to worry about that any time soon). Things do make a little more sense when you find out their husbands are actually their target audience, and when you find out that they literally have no idea whatsoever what VLD stands for, or what any of the parties stand for.

The most striking thing to me was the 'dilemma' the mother of four was having. She had no idea who she was going to vote for. She didn't like the things Vlaams Blokbehang stood for (except the family values, forgetting or neglecting perhaps that they would probably frown upon a mother who got pregnant by 3 different men without marrying any of them, or even being with them in a less traditional manner), but she was probably going to vote for them. Why, one might ask.

Several years ago, when her second child was still a baby, she went to the town council with a request. The specific request doesn't matter, but it was something that couldn't be done, as it would require bending certain social laws. While I did know why it was impossible to be done, she didn't know and it seemed a fair enough request to her, and had she known it was impossible, she still wouldn't have cared, because she wanted it in the best interest of her children, as she saw it.

Put yourself in the place of these council members. You have this woman who is already getting a lot of financial and other support at the expense of the state, coming to ask a completely unreasonable thing, thinking she is perfectly entitled to it. Do you give it much thought? Probably not. You may even treat her with a certain amount of scorn. And that is exactly what happened. She was in her own words 'ridiculed and cursed' by all council members. All council members? No, the Vlaams Blok people were 'very nice to me and they listened'. Did they offer her solutions? Heck no. Did she get what she wanted? Of course not, couldn't be done.

But they were nice and listened and despite disagreeing with almost every single thing they stand for, and abhorring their position on foreigners, she most probably voted for them. You can think she is an idiot, but I think she is like a lot of people are. And to me those other council members are the idiots.

Okay, I could probably go on for a while, but I actually have to go to work now, and hopefully after today's inevitable discussion of the election results, I won't have to hear about politics for a while again.

Ow, right, and to not make me a liar after my final line in the last post: Sex is fun!

(No seriously, I do have one lined up, but if I waited with this one any longer, it would have been even more redundant, but don't worry Kev, you'll get your post :))


Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm not a slut, I'm just vertically challenged

Kev (good music / i dance / no good music / i not dance) zegt:
in stimulation?
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oh sweety I'm in the mood for just about anything
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well, except goats and other assorted farmanimals

Short news:

1) Apparantly my name is an anachronysm for a sexual act. Unfortunately, I'm not too happy with the specific act.

2) You have to watch at least part of this video. It's very long yes, but it has some great parts. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or masturbate.

3) Britney Spears is thin again! Now if she just learns how to dress herself, she might be bearable to look at. Seriously, put on pants, bitch.

4) Jessica Simpson got dumped by John Mayer. Possibly because she's been out partying and acting like a (fat) slut for the past two weeks.

5) The awesome webcomic CTR+ALT+DEL did Spiderman the way it should have been.

6) Though I don't like arrogant guys in person, there is something about arrogant looking guys in pictures.

7) Thanks to Janti, I am now obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, and shall attempt to break into his appartment to play it as much as possible.

8) Also, Janti looks damn cute in this picture from sunday, whereas I look like a broad-shouldered, though totally hot, woman in this one, Karo looks deranged and like she might bite here and Kevin smiles in this picture, which I'm sure is a sign of the pending Apocalypse.

9) My obessive passion for Stephen Lynch was rekindled on sunday and I converted Janti. Soon we shall be numerous enough to abduct him to our evil (yet sexy) lair... *evil laugh*

10) I got a birthday gift from Karolien (my birthday was in october, but still, thanks!). She got me a book about the first season of Desperate Housewives, which is actually quite kicking.

The next update will be all about sex, Bob-style. Be warned!